Wedding Films
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Threefold Films is a full service video and post production company located in Birmingham, Alabama. The owner, Trip Owens, has had the honor of working with companies like Alabama Power, Southern living, and many more in the city of Birmingham.


Threefold Films is Trip Owens.

Trip is a 7 year veteran in the film world, with experience in everything from music videos to wedding films and has traveled all over the southeast to shoot his projects. He loves getting his hands dirty in all aspects of film and loves taking something from script to screen. Ensuring that each client gets a custom fitted product that fits each of their needs. He’s a huge fan of t-shirts, miniature dachshunds, and most of all, his wife Faith. In his downtime, he’s usually found sprawled out on his favorite couch binging on whatever Netflix has to offer and trying to get his overly affectionate dog out to lie anywhere else but on his face.