I’ve booked a photographer. Why do I need a videographer?

Because there is so much more to remember! Your wedding day will be amazing, but it will also be a blur of activity. Photographs are incredible- they tell a beautiful story of a moment in time- but video allows those moments to both shine and tell a broader story of the day. Honestly, who doesn’t want to remember their second cousin’s awesome breakdance, or the toast from your maid of honor? Our films tell a narrative of your love story in an original and detailed way. Your final video will be a story that highlights both special moments shared as a couple and memories of those you love, creating an heirloom that can be passed on, and retold, for generations.

When will I see my final video?

We should have your film to you in about 12 weeks. We are excited already!

How much does a video cost?

It depends on the kind of story you want to tell! Do you want your ceremony and vows included as part of your film? Would you like a simple, short video with music? Or would you like a detailed short film of the experience as a whole, including the rehearsal dinner, first looks, and the mother of the groom dance? It all depends on what makes your video one to celebrate. Let’s talk so we can figure out the best option for you!

I love this song. Can I use it for my video?

Our goal is to create a wedding film that matches your style and personality. We also want to make sure everything we do is legal! So, if there is a song you can’t stop thinking about, we will look into it and find out which copyright law applies to that song. No need to worry if it is copyright protected; we promise to find music that fits beautifully into your video story!